You can create a debit card with your photo in the calculation minutes


You can create a debit card with your photo in the calculation minutes.

SBI has made 143 branches of the country digital for providing better services to its customers. These branches of SBI are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, where the work takes place within minutes of weeks and months.

Apart from banking services, customers can do all the work related to online trading with SBI associate companies like Life Insurance, General Insurance, Mutual Fund, Credit Cards and SBI Cap Securities. All these branches have been named as SBIINTOUCH.

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Calculation will start in minutes:

You can easily open savings accounts, current accounts, PPF accounts in the SBIINTOUCH branch. Using the Account Opening Kiosk (AOK), you can complete all tasks by pressing some buttons. Not only that, using debit card printing kiosks, you can get a debit card containing your favorite photo in just 15 minutes using some touchs.

The important thing is that you do not have to have an account in your branch to print a debit card. In this branch of SBI, you can deposit a 24-hour check, print a passbook and deposit cash as

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You can create a debit card with your photo in the calculation minutes.